In the Spring of 1993...

                           ...)//(ysti Easterwood incubated "Cell & Sanctuary"  -- an artwork by L. Tamiris Becker. 'Incubate' meant that she spent a night inside the work, moving through trance states induced by the structure of the art. The results were so compelling that over the next two decades )//( incubated a number of other artworks, exploring how each played through the intersection between the artist's dreamworld and Oneiros, dream itself.  Over time she discovered this process had deep roots in Bronze Age dreaming hospitals called Asklepion, and was related to healing as well as divination.

In 2014 (twenty-one years later), )//( received an invitation from the Cyprus College of Art to write about the art critical practice that had evolved from those incubations. On her way to Cyprus she stopped in northern Greece to visit the oldest oracle in the West, situated beneath Mount Tomaris - named after the Scythian queen who conquered Cyrus the Great.

While musing on the relationships  between Tomaris and Tamiris, between oracular utterance and incubation, the phrase 'Eleusian Epiphanies' rolled through her lips.  


It took a while to understand what Eleusian Epiphanies might comprise. While the Eleusinian Mysteries led to an anamnesis ('unforgetting') of birth)death(rebirth - Eleusian Epiphanies are to be found between dream, art & healing.


The dreambody can be vertical and nomadic as well as horizontal and sheltered.  Eleusian Epiphanies will explore this premise through workshops, syncretic yogas and special journeys rolling out between now and 2022.  Please join our mailing list for more information.

                  ζωες Θεά 'Goddess Lives' 

              The principals of this project are:  Eleusis D • Alana Kheres • )//(ysti Easterwood                                        

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