About the EΛeuΣian EΠiΦanieς





Welcome!  We are reshaping the EΛeuΣιan EΠiΦanιes into a portable, more expansive (hah!), energy-efficient form.  More info on the EE/EEE*  will be forthcoming in December. The workshops are set to resume in 2019. 

Thank you for dropping by, for your patience and interest.  Come again!  


Yours in the Longwalk, 

Leu'D, )*/( and AKh

* 'EE=Eleusian Epiphanies' 'EEE=Eleusian Epiphanies Emporium.' 

Image: Roman Aqueduct, Agious Georgios - Epirus.  © Mysti Easterwood

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