Eleusis D (le Hag, or Leu, or Leu'D and occasionally, in the flash between fricatives, the letter H) is infinite ancestor to Mysti and Alana, yet often mistaken for their younger mother.   This is because her H'ness abides in that crepuscular sound between consonant and vowel, as any phonologist will attest.   


     This of course was just the beginning of many other betweens.   Eleusis is often found, for example, standing    between 

          Ana'la               &           Kata'la  

having what can only be described as a rather intense tête a tête.   


        As we know from the Codices,  Eleusis was Greek before she was h'Indu.  Or as Greek as one is permitted to be in the long, ardent stretches of the Khirgiz.  Her mother was a Tokharian muse who lost her balance while trying to tiptoe through  a particularly copious  nocturnal emission by the poet Durrell.   The resultant offspring was Eleusis, who was born in a cave on Thera, where she meditated on Pleasure and its merits for 2000 years.         

        Thera (presently known as 'Santorini') is a volcanic island without mooring, so it gently bounces to the laving of the Mediterranean. What we call 'steady' ground is said to make Eleusis somewhat nauseous. Nevertheless, she has conquered her landsickness enough to lactate a book or two; and her ink, whiter than a paper lamp, never runs dry.  


AutreBiography: Leu

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