About the EΛeuΣian EΠiΦanieς


The EΛeuΣιan EΠiΦanιes merge pre-Hellenic ritual with Asiatic yogas for psychonauts, sofiaphiles and other self-initiated spiritual Intrepids. All told, the E'Epiphanies will unfold five sadhanas (creative-cognitive practices) over the next two years. 


EΛeuΣιan EΠiΦanιes (Eleusian Epiphanies)  carry on what our founders laughingly call 'Greek Yoga.' Like its counterpart in yogurt, ‘Greek' yoga is condensed, tangy and luscious (but *never* zero fat!).  We hope you will stick around and bring a spoon!


Leu'D, )*/( and AKh

Image: Roman Aqueduct, Agious Georgios - Epirus.  © Mysti Easterwood

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