Thirty-three Names for Consideration

The 33 Names of Goddess is divided into three sets of 11; the first eleven are based on the "Ah" sound, and are shown in the carousel on the previous page.  In this collection,  the second and third cycles are roughly mapped along the Greco-latin alphabet (though some, like 'Delta', get more love than others).   This is barely a glossary, but the reference websites below will give you more information, (and choices!).    A more complete exploration comes with the Garland and Essay.     

Ba'alat Gebal ~ Lady of Byblos (Phoenicia)
Bridgidh ~  Queen of Celtic Song (Ireland)
Carna ~  Flesh Protectress (Rome)
Demeter ~ Mistress of Mysteries (pre-Hellenic)
Dîonê ~ Titaness Oracle (Pre-Hellenic)

Durga ~ 'the Invincible'  (India)
Eurynome ~ Besties with Dîonê (Pre-Hellenic)
Hekate ~ "greek" Ekajati (Thracian) 
Ixchel ~ 'Red Rainbow'  (Maya)
Kybele ~ Lionthroned (Anatolia)

Medeina ~ Lykomorph (Lithuania)

Nantosuelta ~ River/raven goddess (Gaul) 

Nephthys ~ Lady of Decay (Egypt) 
Oestara ~ Dawn goddess (Anglo-Saxon)

Sirona ~ Healing Goddess (Gaul)
Themis ~ Goddess of Justice (Pelasgian) 

Tripura Sundari ~ 'Beauty of 3 Worlds' (India) 

Tyche ~ Goddess of the Unexpected (Greek) 
Ushnishna Vijaya ~ Longlife Deity (Tibet) 
Verdandi ~ Goddess of the Present (Norse) 
Wadjet ~ Left Eye of the Moon (Egypt)

Xul-sigiae ~ Triple goddess of springs (Gaul) 

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