In addition to the first 33 Names, we are developing specialized rosaries for Food, Medicine, Children, Ecology, Diplomacy/Warfare, Psychotherapy, Animal Care, and Sexual Happiness.   While I recommend that you start with the original 11 (for reasons elaborated in the Essay), experimentation with Her many forms is wildly encouraged. 

• Healing Goddesses •
Aceso (Greek)

A goddess personifying the healing process. She was the daughter of Epione and Asclepius and sister to AegleHygeiaPanaceia, and Iaso. Akeso/Aceso specialized in healing wounds, and figured in the process of wound management.  She shared an altar with her sisters, as well as Aphrodite and Athena at Epidauros. (Sources:,


• Gardening Goddesses •
Ceres (Roman)
English word 'cereal' comes from this goddess, whose name is derived from the ProtoIndoEuropean root 'ker', meaning 'to grow' or to batten.  Her cult in Rome was substantially different from the Demeterian Mysteries; as guardian of marriage, fertility and foodstuffs, She is the embodiment of well-fed womanity.   (Sources: wikipedia, 2000-names, goddess-guide)  
• Water Goddesses •
Anahita (Persian)
Bachué (Muisca/Colombian)

The matrix of the pre-Colombian Muisca was Bachué, who emerged from Lake Iguague, carrying her  three-year-old boy in her arms. After his maturation, she married her son and traveled/ When their children grew old, Bachué and her consort returned to Lake Iguague, and after exhorting Her people to observe the rituals and precepts they had been taught, the divine pair turned into two giant water snakes.  She is presently Mistress of the Springs, and is especially fond of Bogotá.  [Sources: Laguna Serpiente, Wikipedia, DP]


• Combat Goddesses •
Bellona (Roman)


• Smart Goddesses •
Aganippe (Greek)


• Sex Goddesses •
Huitaca (Muisca - Colombian)
Kotys (Thracian)


• Moon Goddesses •
 Coatlicue (Nahuatl)


• Hunting Goddesses •
 Bendis (Thracian)


• o+> Goddesses •
 Asdís (Icelandic)



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