The "33 Names"

begins  our 'Greek Yoga' series.

      The 33 Names of Goddess is a spiritual practice (sadhana) born in the Pindus mountains of Northern Greece.  Adopting the Islamic tasbih (a 33- bead strand),  we have created a recitation for Theá Myrianomos: She Who Must Be Named. 

     Yes, this is a pagan practice which uses an instrument associated with a most vehement form of monotheism. They've borrowed Her number (33) long enough.  We're taking it back. 

  The 33 Names is performed as a morning exercise - spinning through the Deabase (heh!) while not-quite-awake. This state has been called twilight or 'hypnogogic' but we prefer the term 'Oneirogogic' -- giving the Dream Lord Oneiros (Hermes)  his props. 


1st:Aditi Uttanapad (Andhra Pradesh)
Aphrodite, Brundisium (Italy)
Agrimpasa (Scythia)
Amphitrite (Pelepponese)
|| Alethia • Apate || (Hellenic)
Artemis λυκεια (Greece, Anatolia)
Aset/Isis, amulet (Egypt)
Asteria (Pre-hellenic Titaness)
Atargatis (Ugaritic, 1300 BCE)
Athena - (Greece)

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